Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Misty mountains and muted light......and our photography week has begun!

It has been raining all night.

Well, the mushrooms are happy, the chestnuts are swelling, the quinces are putting on weight, the winter cabbages are drinking. The tomatoes are bursting.

The acorns are falling, and the pigs are gobbling. The sheep have been locked into a grassy enclosure so as not to eat the falling chestnuts before we can begin harvesting in early November.

Tim Clinch arrived, fresh from Burgundy, where he has been photographing great wine houses for @LEPANMedia

This week he is coming down a notch and staying at our B&B, where he is running his five night photography course. Food and Travel; portraits, still life, village and landscapes. Platescapes.

Of course we shall be eating and drinking, and we shall also visit 5 Jotas

Here we will see how their exquisite IbĂ©rico hams are produced. The piglets are followed through life; by careful selection, breeding,  and diet. They lead a life spent out in the perfect dehesa landscape of wildflowers, grasses, roots, herbs, autumn mushrooms and acorns.

This is how the dehesa looks in springtime!